Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dumpster Diving - A Work Story


So as a few of you may know I am currently working 3 jobs or so that I can gather up just enough cash to flee the country again (headed to Peru and Chile again... details to come).  One of these exciting and sexy jobs is at the local GNC selling vitamins and 24 hour detox drinks for people who don't smoke marijuana.... ;)

Normally I wouldn't talk much about work but tonight was exciting to say the least.  I only worked a few hours but volunteered to run the trash out to the dumpster before I took the deposit to the bank.  Of course I sat the light bag of paper product trash on the passenger seat and drove to the dumpsters behind the mall (OK so it is only a few stores but the walkway is inside so my small town calls it a mall) but someone was using the one I normally use so I went to the next one.

I got out of my car and threw the bag into what I discovered was the Mexican restaurant Carlito's dumpster.  I then got back in the car and headed toward the bank when I realized that the deposit was no longer on the passenger seat.  Apparently, the adhesive that seals the plastic bag had stuck to the trash bag.  Needless to say, I was going dumpster diving.

I actually had to jump down into the dumpster and stand in a small semi-clean area and reach into the old onions and re-fried beans to fish out the 300+ dollars in a bag submerged in some odd brown sauce that I could not place.  I have decided that I am not making enough money.  Good thing I am fleeing the country in July.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I just realized that I had only posted about work but somewhere over the past month or so I have actually managed to take at least one break.  The Dixon's farm is a staple for Memorial Day fun and also the site in which a few beverages are "partook" (responsibly of course).

Some time honored traditions of games were practiced


and this year we went down to the river to hit up the rope swing... or in my case recover in the cool water...

As always it was a great weekend and also served as the last time we will see Bob for a little bit.  He flew off to Peru the day after the weekend.  With any luck I will be seeing him there in a month.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Smashed Thumb

Apparently starting a lawnmower can be dangerous.  It has gotten a lot more purple since the pic was taken, trust me.  I busted the vein that runs along the top of my thumb with the grip that is tethered to the cord on a lawnmower.  It hit a catch and snapped back out of my right hand onto my left thumb.

I guess it is all my fault for trying to make a little cash mowing grass to try and fly out of the country again...

If only there were some way to work safely online from another country I could give up the lawn mowing hustle... oh well.