Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trekking in Santiago

Despite a bum leg I decided to do a little walking around Santiago... granted I did not intend on walking so much when I started. This morning my friend Cami had some classes so I opted to be taken into town and meet back up with her when she was leaving. I really hadn't taken the time to walk around, mostly due to the first time I was in town was after snowboarding and I could still barely walk.

The weather was much rougher than it has been today, but that didn't stop me.

I went by the National Zoo, but it seemed to be terribly busy with school children.

Although the view of the city from up near the zoo was nice.
On a warmer and clearer day I would have made it up to the top of the mountain above the zoo for more views, but the cloud was a whopping 20 feet above me.

I also snapped this picture. The building looks important, but I have no idea what it is. If you figure it out please let me know. In total I would say that I walked well over 10 miles today. If something looked interesting I checked it out. Now just a few more days left before Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires in a few days

I have booked my flight to Buenos Aires for Thursday the 2nd of October and I am excited to see new things. It is likely that the combination of Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay will be the last destination on my South American tour so I am planning on doing it up big. I will be traveling there with my friend Cami and already have a few friends lined up to see when I get there.

Two of the people I will be hanging out with will be the Amys (or is it Amies), never mind let's just say that there are two girls named Amy that will be there.

Also the attractive gentleman on the right should also be there. He is Etay, (or E.T. if you can't remember his name).

Of course to start the time in Buenos Aires I am going to start it off American style with a Dave Matthews Band concert on the 3rd of October. I have never actually seen one in the US, but everyone talks about going to them. This way the next time I hear someone start a concert story about them I can just say, "Oh yeah, I caught a show in Buenos Aires." and there story will end right there. (I am such an ass).

Friday, September 26, 2008

Living the Dream w/Sergio

Last night I finally caught up with Sergio here in Santiago. He is famous on the blog for the khaki runs and a lot of the winter pics. Last night over a couple of beers we started on some big plans. In his words, "Just two bachelors with the wind in our face and the sun up ahead." I am fairly certain we decided to get some scooters and make our way across some part of the earth (it may have been Europe).

Parting Shots of Easter Island

Looking back on Easter Island I figured that there were at least a few more shots to post. I loved my time there and with any luck I will make it back someday.

The food

The beach

The friends (that don't speak English)

The sweet ride (yes mother I wore a helmet) and I did get it up to 90km/h

And with roads that look like this, how could you not miss it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Pics: Easter Island

I have so many pictures from this amazing island that I have to post some more. This is a picture of the only seven Moai that face out toward the sea.

I also have been spending a lot of time at the beach. Notice the wet hair. Of course I had to get in the water.

At the end of the first day the owners celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. All were invited for free food and drink. It has been great staying here.

The next morining I ventured to the end of the island to view the dormant volcanoe that is now filled by water. Many ceremonies were conducted here including the Birdman. Look it up for yourself, because my time is short online here.

Distance from Home

This is currently how far I am away from home... big number... could be bigger though.

One Way Distances:
4870 miles
7840 km

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easter Island... Shots of Big Heads

I am now on the Isla de Pascua... or Easter Island... or Rapa Nui... OK so there are a lot of names, but there are even more Moai (AKA Giant Heads). I will save the history lesson. Just check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_Island for all your needs.

When the Island was discovered all of the heads had been toppled. There are different theories for this, but some of the heads have since been propped back up to their rightful place.

I have taken a ton of pictures. Most of which don´t have me in it, but this is my website so I am in the photos. They should all be posted when I make it home, or on my facebook when I get the chance.

Me with a toppled Moai

They are quite abundant

Look like any of your relatives?

They are quite a sight to behold

I think I fit in fine right here. This trip has been amazing thus far. I have tons of picutures, but upload times are horrible... plus the beach is calling me. The sun is shining and the water was great yesterday. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Back to Santiago on Thursday.

Flying to Easter Island

So I packed up and headed out to Easter Island 2 days ago. I am trying to post some pictures, but the internet cafe here apparently has all images blocked so I don´t know if they are up or not. The final pic will be of my current digs here on Easter Island

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Easter Island Bound

I just finished packing my bags for EASTER ISLAND! It was by no means on the itinerary, but then again I travel without a watch or any sort of alarm so I might as well live in the moment. I am planning on just going until Thursday before flying back to see some more of Santiago.

I am leaving some stuff here for my trip so the pack is much lighter than it was before.

Got my electronics still and my travel book... I should be fine.

Morning pic of the traveler

It will be hard to move back into hostel life after staying here though because my friend Cami's house is amazing.

Here is a view of the back garden.

Some of the surrounding houses as viewed from the top deck of hers.

Wish me luck on my trip, I love hearing from everyone. Either in comments or at jonnywalks@gmail.com.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Chilean Independence Day

OK so I have no pictures from the actual Independence Day, but they continue to celebrate the day after. Plus with any luck I will get in some celebration tonight.

All across Santiago they have special areas set up for family fun an celebration.

One of the activities is traditional Chilean dance. The guys wear some sweet spurs on the back of their boots that are insanely big. I hope that the horses in this country are not secretly 8 feet tall.

I topped my day off with a Chilean feast of their "traditional" beverage Coca-Cola an empanada and some bonus aji sauce to give it a kick.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jamie's Birthday and Goodbyes

The last night in Santiago for my friends from Essex just happened to be on Jamie's birthday. Granted he had already celebrated it 4 times before but this time it was actually the right date.

Jamie was on point

James danced the night away and Jamie might have spent some time chatting up the locals.

James simply was not ready to say goodbye in the morning. The boys are headed off to New Zealand and should be boarding their flight in an hour or so after I submit this.

Poor guy, he just didn't want to see me leave.

Needless to say, they will be missed. I am sure we will run into each other while traveling again someday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Valle Nevado - Outside of Santiago Chile

With a still healing leg I decided that snowboarding was simply too important... I did however decide that teaching would keep me out of too much trouble. James had skied but never been on a board and Jamie had done neither. One of the other guys from the hostel named Ricardo was from Brazil and had never even seen snow so he decided to get in on some free lessons.

The views were epic and there were no trees so I couldn't break my other leg.

This is simply the bottom third of the mountain

An action shot of Jamie

James and Ricardo made a friend on the lift.

For having never seen snow, Ricardo picked up the sport faster than anyone I have ever seen. He even followed me off the beaten path and into one of the bowls. Completely fearless. Too bad he lives in Brazil and will only do this sparingly.

At the end of the day all three of them had picked up up quite nicely and my knee was still in one piece. Even having some car trouble couldn't ruin the trip.

The travel with Jamie and James

So it is late for this update but I will do it anyway. Jamie, James, and I st out from Arequipa to Tacna by bus. As a "gringo" from the US it costs me an extra hundred to fly into Chile, but by land it is nothing. The bus ride was about 6 hours long and then from Tacna we spent over an hour in a taxi and going through customs at the border. After that we were in Arica Chile. Sadly, on Sundays everything closes including travel agencies.

We then rallied in Arica to get to the airport. After finding it relatively abandoned we pushed on and found a sales rep for Lan Airlines that got us onto the 8:15 flight to Santiago. The 2 hours plus flight beat the possible 28 hours by bus.

Being in the jetset is the only way to be. South American airlines don't charge extra for anything. Other airlines should learn from them.

Monday, September 15, 2008

In Santiago... pics to come

today and yesterday were a complete travel whirlwind. Somehow we made it from Arequipa, Peru to Santiago chile in about 18 hours. By bus, taxi, taxi, plane, taxi... the day was crazy but Jamie, James and I suceeded. Now for a Sunday night in Santiago. Pics to come

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I fled Cusco last night to keep myself from staying for months. I bought a last second bus ticket to Arequipa Peru en route to Santiago Chile. I had the pleasure of saving 3 dollars American and got to ride in the economy section of the bus. There might as well have been live chickens running around on the overnight 10 hour bus.

Now me and some friends from Essex England, but claiming to be from London are watching three consecutive football matches.

We checked into the hostel at 7 this morning and haven't left the tv room.

Jamie and James

The DVD wall that might be the plan.

We have also hatched a plan to catch another bus tonight. This would mean that my stay in Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru, lasted about 12 hours. Wish me luck.