Thursday, September 1, 2011

Posting on a Whim

I am currently sitting in Arica, Chile eating a late hostel provided breakfast and slowly memories of posting to this blog started coming back to me.  I just finished 2 weeks in Lima, Peru of general chaos and now I am on my way to see a lady in Vina del Mar, Chile once again.

(ARICA is all the way on the top of the shaded in yellow.)
If you look back to my trip last year it should note that I rode for over 60 hours on a bus; this trip is being broken up.  A 20 hour bus from Lima to Tacna Peru, climbing into a group taxi for 5 dollars and crossing the border with strangers, and now staying overnight in the border town of Arica (I have been here before) before flying out at 3PM today for Santiago Chile to avoid another 40 hours on a bus.

I have photos of Peru I should post as well and should get back to that once I get to my new apartment and "procure" internet.  

(Here are some shots inside the hostel.  I would post pictures of my "gourmet" breakfast of a bologna-like sandwich but being as how I am a bit southern I used the sandwich maker to fry my bologna so it was delicious and long gone.)