Friday, July 23, 2010

The apartment in Lima

Here in Lima I have been staying in the area of Miraflores for the past 10 days now.  To make this time more enjoyable 4 of us rented and apartment.  The accomodations weren't amazing by any standard and the elevator was a bit on the slow side which made the 12 story stair run a daunting task, but for these past few days the place has been home.

Only now that we are leaving the place to travel a bit around Peru do I look around the 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment and try and remember it for posterity. 

If you count very short term apartment rentals I have now had a places in Peru, Argentina and England aside from my time in the USA.
 Regardless of the amount of time spent, each of these places has felt like home while I was there.  I enjoy staying in hostels but there is something calming about knowing that at the end of the night the people you are sharing a space with is not randomly assigned.

 As an added bonus to the 12th floor height was a view that is rarely seen in Lima due to the normally gray conditions.  You can actually see the water in this shot.  Well I am going to go pack for the trip that lie ahead tomorrow.... wish me luck.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

People in the casa

This is a shot after we prepared some food tonight.  From left to right is Sofia, Bob(owning the picture), Rocio, and Peke.  Tonight we made a bunch of food and stayed in(I think).  I only think this is the plan because it is only 12:30 and apparently we have people stopping by before going out on the town.  Lima never sleeps.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Livin It Up Down in Lima

Having rented an apartment here in Lima has kept me from taking up work in a hostel so I have had more to see the city.  Of course that has translated to sitting in the apartment a lot of the time and enjoying a few beverages but it has been fun. 

It is always odd to travel and not stay in hostels but I am considering this adventure a move so I guess I can change it up.

 Here is a picture of Bob on top of Sofia's house after a great meal with her family.  I only wish I could have ate more. (Sadly, the aforementioned beverages from the night before slowed me down a bit).

Lucky for me I checked facebook the other night and found out that a friend of mine that I had worked with in the Loki Hostel here in Lima over 2 years ago was celebrating his birthday so I got to go enjoy a drink with him to celebrate his birthday.  He never expected to see me again and especially not to celebrate his birthday.

In a recent development Bob and I decided that they need to make the show Jersey Shore here in Lima so we broke out our "Stunner" poses at a concert the other day.  Let's just say our Gringo essence was noticeable. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lima Update

Apparently, I have not been posting enough to appease my nephew so I will just let everyone know that I am in Lima safe and sound.  My flight left from DC at 7am and I was dropped off by friend of mine that live outside DC.  A definite thanks go out to Desiree and Brandon for all of their hospitality.

I then flew to Fort Lauderdale where I noticed a familiar girl sitting across from me in the terminal.  Turns out it was a friend of mine from Snowshoe Mountain who was on her way back to DC after spending some time in Lima.

I have taken a total of 5 pictures so far so here is pretty much everything.  I just snapped the last two from the window at the apartment that was rented for the 11 days that I will be in Lima before taking a short road trip.  I am staying in the Miraflores area of Lima and have been on a steady diet of street vendor sandwiches, ceviche, and cheap beverages.

Hopefully this update will keep my nephew happy for a day or so... 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Leaving the country


I understand that I should be better with my pictures and posting them on here but I am finally ready to leave the country again and there are definitely pictures to come.

Currently I am in Woodbridge, VA staying with my friend Brandon and his amazing wife Desiree and she is taking me to the airport tomorrow.  I have been hesitant to disclose my travel plans thus far because everything was tentative and like any traveler I did not want to set myself up to fail.

In terms of lateness on disclosure I really couldn't be closer.  I take my first flight tomorrow morning at 10am and I have been packed for a week now.  My first destination is Lima, Peru where I will meet up with my friends Robbie and Flame who are down there currently on different trips but the three of use will unite in the same apartment (just like at Snowshoe) for the first week I am there for some light imbibing at social gatherings (partying) and taking in of the local culture (more of the same). 

After the month of July ends I will be slowly migrating south (although unlike the birds I will be heading into winter conditions) down to Chile.  Hopefully, as of tomorrow my apartment will be booked and I will be living near the ocean in the resort town of Vina Del Mar until at least December of this year.  Granted, I will be there illegally after 3 months so before that happens I will have to cross the border for over one night before crossing back in.

Well now that my travel plans have leaked out I guess I should sleep because it is nearing 12 and I leave for the airport at 5am to catch my first flight down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I will wait for my 5pm flight to Lima Peru.  Wish me luck.