Thursday, September 1, 2011

Posting on a Whim

I am currently sitting in Arica, Chile eating a late hostel provided breakfast and slowly memories of posting to this blog started coming back to me.  I just finished 2 weeks in Lima, Peru of general chaos and now I am on my way to see a lady in Vina del Mar, Chile once again.

(ARICA is all the way on the top of the shaded in yellow.)
If you look back to my trip last year it should note that I rode for over 60 hours on a bus; this trip is being broken up.  A 20 hour bus from Lima to Tacna Peru, climbing into a group taxi for 5 dollars and crossing the border with strangers, and now staying overnight in the border town of Arica (I have been here before) before flying out at 3PM today for Santiago Chile to avoid another 40 hours on a bus.

I have photos of Peru I should post as well and should get back to that once I get to my new apartment and "procure" internet.  

(Here are some shots inside the hostel.  I would post pictures of my "gourmet" breakfast of a bologna-like sandwich but being as how I am a bit southern I used the sandwich maker to fry my bologna so it was delicious and long gone.)

Monday, November 22, 2010


ummmm... so I am home now (AKA back in the USA).   I realized I haven't posted forever and sort of fell off the map but my trip home took 2 weeks and involved Lima, Peru and Florida, but I am now back.  I will post some details and photos soon.  Right now I am just adjusting to life back here and recovered from drinking Peruvian water.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Apartment in Chile - Leaving shots.

 Since my time is coming to an end here in Chile I thought I would post some shots of where I have spent the better part of the last 3 months.  THE APARTMENT IN CHILE.

 It is nothing fancy but it has served a purpose with the only issues being a slight "old lady" smell near the front door, the cable that came with the place turning out to be illegal so it got turned off the last month here, a shower-head that had to be replaced to make the showers last longer than 45 seconds of low pressure warmth, and the overabundance of fake flowers that were in the place that are currently hiding in the cabinet waiting to be redeployed on the last day I am here.


 Living Room
 Front door and Refrigerator
 Little Kitchen

Friday, October 22, 2010

Attempting to Return to the USA

 My funds have dwindled to what is surely to become a new low so having failed to find dependable work here in Chile I must accept a temporary setback and return to the USA.  That being said, it will not be without a little bit of mystery and adventure.  

The first step of my trip will be a flight to Lima, Peru on Halloween.  All flights from Chile were extremely expensive so in an attempt to add more fun (and maybe save a few dollars) I am making up the trip home as I go.

Right now the options are:
Fly to Washington DC from Lima
Fly to Fort Lauderdale FL from Lima
Fly to Bogota Colombia from Lima and then to the US from Colombia
Fly to San Juan Puerto Rico from Lima and then toe the US

Bus to Ecuador and Colombia (80 hours) from Lima and then fly home

or magic carpet.

I am sure there are other options that I will have to just make up as I go.  wish me luck.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gringo Burning in the South American Sun

In an attempt to return to the states tan (the return info will be in the next few days on here), I have hit the beach here in Vina.  The other day though I will admit to turning a nice state of painless red for a day or so afterward.

Being as how it is the Pacific Ocean down here the water is not something you want to stay in for a very long time unless you are strapped to a surfboards so I just get in to cool off a bit and then back to the beach.  Maybe next time I will roll over instead of napping on my back.  One side tan.... the other side white.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sibaritico for Completos in Vina del Mar

In a recent post I linked to the video of Anthony Bourdain during his time in Chile.  I live just a few blocks from the site of his "Completo" consumption here in Vina del Mar so the other night (after a few of the necessary liquid appetizers) I rallied some ladies to go partake in some Hot Dog overkill.

If you have not watched the Anthony Bourdain video (a few blog posts back at MY BLOG) a completo is a footlong hotdog with Saurkraut, mashed avocado,  tomatoes, and artery clogging of mayonnaise, that I like to top with ketchup.

Needless to say it was a good night and the next morning I woke up a little rough.  I am still not sure whether it was the appetizers or the completo but I would definitely repeat the process.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Football (soccer) here in Chile

Sometime in the past few weeks of my time here I went to see the local football club Everton of Vina del Mar play a game.  The stadium is small for the fact that it is in the top league of its country (more notable teams would be Colo-Colo, U Catolica, and U de Chile).  

Ladies and children got in free to the game and there was only one full section (AKA the end where the tickets are 6 dollars)

The game ended in a high-scoring 3-3 draw but the real entertainment was the fans themselves.  Apparently Chileans are not trusted with alcohol at any event so it was dry but I found out why in no time.

Fans came marching in with drums to play while they all sang songs.  There were also massive banners hung all over the place.  Honestly this place had more decoration than any college dorm room on the planet.
 As for the fans appreciation of the game itself is another matter entirely.  Mostly young people sang songs to the drums and smoke weed the entire time without any care about the game itself.  The home team scores - keep singing the same song... the away team scores - keep singing the same song.

I have noticed this trend before and it is not something I understand.  I enjoy the game and find it easier to get into when the crowd also understand it and follow along.  That being said, once I moved over away from the main cheering group I enjoyed the game a bit more.

Maquinaria Festival 2010 Santiago Chile

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rage Against the Machine - CHILE 2010

This could be one of the more cruel posts I have made (if you are a fan of rock music that is).  Rage Against the Machine will be playing this Monday and I have picked up my ticket... that said (as if jealousy weren't already brewing), I start the weekend with a festival on Saturday featuring Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, Linkin Park, The Pixies, and more.... life is rough.