Monday, April 28, 2008

Snowshoe 07-08

Just some clips/shots of the last winter at the Shoe...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Choco Taco

After a long hard day of sleeping in until 1 and lounging around the house I needed something to help me take on my night. That one thing was a Choco-Taco. My mother had never had one so we set off as a family to find them. Four gas stations later we found our goal.

Keep your eye out for these silver wrapped treats in your convenience store freezer.

Recently I have taken some pics that I really have nothing to do with so I thought I would throw a few of them online.

I have been driving up to five miles at a time.

I have been hanging out a lot with Bob and Hector.

The other night I built a fire (I did so with my thumb).

I had Bob bring my laptop to the fire so there could be music.

Friend of the Family Brenda and James made it to the fire as well. Apparently Brenda was afraid of my amazing fire.

Other than that, no other big news. I do have big aspirations of cleaning out my car today. Just living the dream.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mom's Spa Package

Before finishing up work at Snowshoe I attended the survivors party and won a raffle prize of a Spa Weekend at Wintergreen Resort. I had assumed that I would be traveling by this time so I signed up for the package for my mother. Her and her friend Kim went the past couple of days.

Just a pic from the lofted 2 bedroom suite

My mother post-spa
Kim post-spa
View from the top

From what I can gather is that they both owe me big time for this... I am not sure what I want in return. They are already planning their next spa trip so I guess I am going to have to win another raffle.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Can anyone tell how bored I am?

Here is some video from cruisin around the hometown today.

Into the Wild

Given my current homelocked state I have taken in just about every movie possible. The have been some hits (Across the Universe, There Will Be Blood) and some misses (No Country for Old Men, In the Name of the King), but I may have found my movie pick of the year. "Into the Wild" Being a potential traveler I loved this movie. It got some Academy Award attention but not a lot. Sean Penn basically did everything for this film based on the book by Jon Krakauer.

This is a picture of Chris McCandless. He is the basis for the book.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am trapped in my house.

I am currently on house arrest (by my own choice) in Lewisburg WV. I have attempted to go outside here, but have yet to actually want to be out for more than 30 minutes at a time. As if I were some kind of alien lifeform when I go out here at night I have found no signs of life.

The location isn't bad it is just that by the time I get somewhere I pretty much have to say sequestered in a corner due to the leg and normally I am avoiding half of the people in the bar.

I am trying to find an escape so I looked to utilize the shorten lines at Busch Gardens due to my injury... come to find out most of the good rides can not be ridden with a leg or arm cast so there goes me using my season pass.

It is fun being in a small town because you are always being watched... yaaay

Friday, April 18, 2008

Krogers Shuts Me Down

My rents were going on a big shopping day for groceries so I tagged along so that I could get some cart riding action in. The day did not go exactly as planned. We started the morning off at Krogers. It is the third place that I have been that has carts so I checked another off my list.

I got inside the store and started to ride when the manager of the store came up to me and told me that they did not allow photography in the store. I guess someone took some erotic pictures of the bran flakes or something. I had to go guerilla style to get some video footy in.

The whole experience was very upsetting.

A view from the restraining order distance. I would have been great to have had the cops called on me so I could have engaged them in a low-speed cart chase.

Afterwards we went to IGA, but I was too proud to have my rents push me around in their wheelchair (that is not powered).

To take the taste out of my mouth we went to Wally World to go carting in peace, but by then my camera was dead.

One thing I have noticed from my carting is that these signs appear in all of them. Seriously, what kind of store sells children? If I find a store that does I guess that I will have to have my mother take it out in her cart because mine are not designed for child transport.

3 stores carting down.... millions to go.

The Lowes Jungle

Knock Lowes off the checklist... I have mastered their cart.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doctor Visit

Officially 3 weeks from the hour that I broke my leg I had another doc appointment. It started out with some X-rays. Luckily I had the new official jonnywalkeradventures photographer on hand to document the fun (AKA my mother).

This is me lounging for my pics

Either they were protecting me from the x-rays or they were just anticipating that things might get crazy.

Glamour shot pose for my final x-ray. (notice the sweat. It is hard crutching around in the sun).

Once the x-rays were looked at they readjusted my brace so that it wouldn't stab me anymore.

I still lack a kneecap on my right leg.

The news this time was good in that I was told that everything is still aligned properly. I should start physical therapy in two more weeks. The other news that I got is that the break goes in and then up. It goes all the way into my knee. Normally it would be a rather quick surgery to repair it except for the fact that my break splinters into multiple ones all ending up in my knee. I was told that it would take multiple plates and screws if I went the surgery route. Since I am young it has been decided that everything should be done to let it heal naturally and hopefully avoid the surgery. Needless to say I must have hit it pretty hard. (It is great when a doc actually shows a few of his friends your x-rays before he even talks to you about them. That means you are a unique individual.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

G-Unit (Gimp Unit)

Today was Bob's first official day in the Gimp Unit. Yesterday he went under the knife to get some work done on his gimpy shoulder that likes to dislocate any time fun is happening, rather that be snowboarding or eating tacos. He went under around 2 and made it back out around 8. Needless to say they found some more issues with his shoulder than they had expected. Now he joins me and his father in the G-Unit. The Shaws combined have 2 good arms and 4 good legs. Throw me into the equation and we are a 4 armed, 5 legged, and 2 crutched beast that is capable of mass devastation.

Here is the Bob post-op

Some pics from inside his shoulder w/doc notes

More pics

I knew he was healing so I brought him some pizza. $5 well spent.

The G-Unit.

Right to Left: Broken Right Leg - Tibia 2 places, Reconstructed Right Shoulder, Broken Left Humerous.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The New Laptop

Knowing that the screen on my old laptop was beyond repair I decided that a new one was in order. With my aspirations of travel I decided that compact was the way to go so I opted for the cost effective Eee PC. I houses a whopping 4 gigs of memory, but does do great on its Linux operating system. I am blogging this entry from the new toy.

Pretty white (until I get spray paint)
A whopping 7" screen

Apparently the black ones are bigger.

It weighs in at under a pound and other than getting used to the compact keyboard I think I made a good choice. I can do my online class from it and apparently blog. Hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Laptop

Since someone felt it a good idea to stomp on my laptop I had to order a new one. I will have some pics of it up soon. It is amazingly tiny. Weighs in at under a pound.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BOB Returns

The Bob has returned from driving his father around the East Coast to chauffer my broken ass around town. Granted he has shoulder surgery next Tuesday, but the driving will last me for a few days. Already picked up a case of PBR.

National Championship

Went to Fritz' house to watch the National Championship game with the morning ball crew. I was definitely the youngest one in attendance.

Not a bad set-up.

There was a decent crowd, some beer, and some food.

Fritz is a Pittsburgh fan

A big one.

The night did consist of beer and this sandwich so all-in-all a good time. Kasas won, not that I cared.

Me 1

Sandwich 0

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spradlin's Induction

My uncle became the first inductee to the Morning Ball Hall of Fame. It was almost a unanimous decision. If you are not from this area, it is kind of a big deal. Congrats.

Leg Update - GRAPHIC

While my leg is immobilized and healing on the inside i am responsible for changing the bandages on the outside.I have to navigate around my splint take the old one off and put the new one on, not to metion rubbing it down with hydrogen peroxide.


Peroxide in action

The scar is going to be fantastic.

This is how I spend my days

Or icing it down