Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Days On My Snowboard

I have already picked up my season pass for the year and I spent the past 3 days breaking myself in for the new season at Snowshoe Mountain. My friend Aaron moved up to the apartment the other day and as the official "guy on couch" I accompanied and managed to make my first runs of the season.

There was some natural snow out and the crowds were minimal which was great due to the fact that they had cut it down to 2 runs (that they call six but using the terms upper, middle, and lower don't fool me... I know what two options look like) and one lift but it was enough to start building up some confidence for the coming season.

Here is a shot of Aaron clipping into his board "The Lightning"

Needless to say I was enjoying myself.

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you might ask yourself, "How does he pay for this?" Sadly my funds (which I have saved up myself... if you want to sponsor me however I would be open to the idea) have run short and I am in the process of setting up some work abroad towards the end of this winter. Posts are sure to come soon as I get more info.