Monday, October 18, 2010

Football (soccer) here in Chile

Sometime in the past few weeks of my time here I went to see the local football club Everton of Vina del Mar play a game.  The stadium is small for the fact that it is in the top league of its country (more notable teams would be Colo-Colo, U Catolica, and U de Chile).  

Ladies and children got in free to the game and there was only one full section (AKA the end where the tickets are 6 dollars)

The game ended in a high-scoring 3-3 draw but the real entertainment was the fans themselves.  Apparently Chileans are not trusted with alcohol at any event so it was dry but I found out why in no time.

Fans came marching in with drums to play while they all sang songs.  There were also massive banners hung all over the place.  Honestly this place had more decoration than any college dorm room on the planet.
 As for the fans appreciation of the game itself is another matter entirely.  Mostly young people sang songs to the drums and smoke weed the entire time without any care about the game itself.  The home team scores - keep singing the same song... the away team scores - keep singing the same song.

I have noticed this trend before and it is not something I understand.  I enjoy the game and find it easier to get into when the crowd also understand it and follow along.  That being said, once I moved over away from the main cheering group I enjoyed the game a bit more.