Friday, January 23, 2009


The adventure has taken a turn for the posh.

I had originally planned to stay in Panama for this trip but I decided to make it up to visit my parents in Acapulco Mexico. This did mean 60+ hours on a bus, but the lifestyle here has made the trip a little easier.

My parents are enjoying it here as well.

The pool that runs along the ocean is literally half a mile long here at the Grand Mayan Resort. The days are simple. Cocktails, snacks, spas, and time in the ocean and pools.

This is a far cry in comparison to the hostels of the past. I actually kind of miss the hostel life.

Sunsets all look the same in a way, but this was a good one.

With still under a week to go here things aren't looking that bad. Back hom for a week in Feb then the adventure moves to England.