Friday, January 16, 2009

Volcano... not a problem

The Pacaya Volcano rests an hour from Antigua, Guatemala (my current location) Needless to say I had to hike it.

Here is a view of the active volcano. I had already hiked about 30 mins to get here.

The ascent toward the top was almost stupid due to the sheer lack of safety equipment so I loved it. Too many waivers in the US. Granted the guy that broke his ankle might think otherwise.
At the top I melted my shoes a bit while standing on recently hardened lava, but did get to roast a marshmallow. Of course by then it was getting dark and I had to make the descent in the dark sliding down a very loose and steep slope once again without a cable.

I did bring my iPOD and thought that Nirvana's Lake of Fire fit the occasion. Now to look toward Mexico to finish my month-long journey.