Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Trip Toward England

In anticipation of my move to England I packed my bags up. 2 snowboards, massive amounts of cold-weather clothing and my cache of electronics later I was all packed. The final weight of everything was over 120 pounds. Basically I smuggled another person with me.

After getting packed up I said hello to the parents who have served as my favorite hosts over the course of my travels. Luckily this time I will be moving from my bed into another real bed and not a hostel bed or hammock.

Goodbye bed/tv/computer. Notice how tidy I keep everything.

I then set off. A 4+ hour ride with my uncle to Dulles, 3 hours there waiting, 7 hours on the Aer Lingus flight to Dublin and then I was here.

Dublin, 8am local time 3am Easter Time. Don't I look thrilled...

Then I saw the light....

A couple of pints later and I was en route to England. I will update soon with pics from the flat and the Birmingham area as soon as I make the flat a little more my own.