Monday, June 8, 2009

The Detox Diet

Having spent the last 4 months in England with only 2 more to go I have decided to preemptively strike my waistline. For the past two weeks I have tried to avoid the following items that are staples of the English diet. It has proven to be a positive step already so for those of you who don't understand the typical foods here in England let me share.

On a typical day it seems apparent that almost the entire population partakes in a pint of lager or cider and as most people know one quickly turns into 5 or 6.

The next stop is "The Chippy" for fish and chips loaded with salt and vinegar. Delicious fried goodness.

Particularly in Birmingham (because it is the home of the factory) Cadbury Chocolate varieties can be found in the cabinets of every home for sweets to snack on.

Then if that doesn't fill you up some Walker's Crisps (OK so to people from the US they are potato chips and yes the brand is owned by Frito-Lay hence the similar looking bags).

I have had a couple of pints in the past couple of weeks and one bag of crisps but the others have been successfully avoided and I plan to keep up the plan for a bit longer. Now if I can just bother to get off the couch and go for a run every now and then I should be back on my way to the shape I was in before breaking my leg over a year ago.