Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why work?

So I am entering the workforce again after my 2 year vacation... this sucks. I am not sure any other words can fully encapsulate it better than that. Of course, as I do with all things in life, I am not just getting one job but technically 4. I know what you are thinking (He is crazy) but I figure that if I work 4 jobs I can get back to my vacationing 4 times faster.

The jobs are as follows.... I am doing lawn work (mowing 3 lawns, mulching, painting doors, weed eating, trimming hedges), Working at the local GNC, Working for the US Census as a census taker, and picking up some hours acting (as a patient for the medical school so they can practice). I have been mowing for a few weeks now but the others all start in the next week. Speaking of which, I am due to start at GNC in 10 minutes and I am not ready.... hope they don't mind it if I am late for my first day. Gotta run....