Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joining the Workforce - Update

So I have officially joined the workforce and I am already seeking my escape. I have just wrapped up my acting gig (OK so I realize that pretending to be sick so that medical students can practice is not really a big hollywood deal, but I can always just take the moral highroad and say that I am helping prepare the doctors of the future... that is if I really cared about appearances). Two weeks of pretending to be a character known as Jon Sickly (I know, the joke is hysterical) has now passed and I will be focusing on the US Census, my job at GNC, and my new-found passion for mowing grass.

As for my escape, I have been submitting applications to teach English abroad once again. Hopefully I can put away enough money to help back out traveling again even if I do have to work while doing it this time.