Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Apartment in Vina Del Mar - Outside

I have rented an apartment here in Vina del Mar, Chile.  Rocio set it up for me so I was thrilled when I finally made it to town and saw the location for the first time.  It is winter here (South of the equator the seasons are reversed) but living so close to the ocean is enjoyable year-round and since I made it to town it has oddly been warm and sunny pretty much all of the time.

The apartment is located about 4 buildings in from the ocean on an river that runs through town.  I do however live on the backside of the building so daily views of the ocean are not possible but walking out to see the water is great.


My building is the center one in this photo.  This is a shot from across the river.


Here is another shot of the building from near the large casino here in town.


The beach next to the house pretty much looks like this but there is a place at the end of the river with some nice sand.  A decent (but enjoyable) walk down the coast gets me to a larger beach that I am sure will fill up when the weather heats up a bit more.