Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peru Summary

Peru was a quality month of my life spent with great friends and some small sense of party mixed in.  I have now made my way down to Chile and will be settling into my new apartment down here tomorrow.  I have made contact with a school down here and have and interview coming up that still hasn't been scheduled.  If you want all the pics from Peru you can find me Jonny Walker on facebook.

Sadly I can't post them all on here.

While in Peru this time I did get the chance to try Cuy (AKA Guinea Pig) it was sort of like rabbit but not much meat.

I also got to spend some time outside of Lima with some ladies

and attend some great clubs/events

Watch Bob show off how Americans dance.

and then say goodbye as he left me as the only gringo still in Peru... I made sure that some of the TGIFridays sign was in the background seeing as how and American Flag could not be found.

Now after close to 60 hours on buses I am in Chile and getting ready to move.