Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Khaki Run

For the second time this season I strapped into some rental boots and took to the slopes for a daytime khaki run. This is my new tradition here at the shoe, and from last times attendance of two it has now grown to three. Basically it consists of one run on the clock with no gloves, no jacket, no ski pants (note that Sergio still had his on from the morning), and no winter hats or goggles. Just boots and your board of choice (which luckily mine was in the shop).

This was us pre-run (top)
Blake was owning the khaki look. I think he went golfing after this in his boots. (below)

My camera was only letting me take oner picture at a time before shutting off due to battery, but I still got some shots of the Serg in action.

In the end it was all good.