Friday, May 30, 2008

Father's Birthday Gift

If you have met my father you will appreciate this more. Let's just say that he is a complicated man to buy a oresent for because he never wants anything (that is until the day before his birthday). So this year to counter-act this habit I found him something in advance. My father routinely feeds the bird in the backyard and maintains a garden; both of which routinely fall victim of small woodland animals. In recent years he has brought my brothers' paintball gun out of retirement to try and spook them, but the accuracy is not at all up to par. The old BB gun would have been the best option but it had rusted out after years of sitting in the garage.

This year I chose to upgrade to a high-powered pump BB gun with a scope on it. Yes, my father just turned 12 and I trust him enough to maintain his own weapon. This is WV so handguns can't be issued until you are 13.
Happy 12th Birthday Padre.