Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day at the Dixon's Farm

For the weekend Me and Bob headed up to the Dixon's farm for a little camping... (Apparently I go camping a lot). This is the campsite.

We even brought Hector along to enjoy.

Before going fishing I secured some line to my new-fangled-fishing-pole (AKA my guitar)

I think I was play Tangerine by Led Zepplin when this monster attacked.

Bob caught a fish as well... he has been lonely lately.

It is fun watching a one armed man trying to eat really tough steak

Hector was constantly the center of attention. Bob even used him to meet some ladies.

Then we gimps got our mothers to play a little bit of horshoes with us.

Team Collins 1 - Team Shaw 0

When it was time to pass out I recalled my victory.

The next morning we had breakfast. The Dixons had a special canopied one.

These Dixons just relaxed

I then followed suite.

Well it looks like it might be another day or two until I go camping again. All-in-all a good weekend and with any luck by next weekend I will be walking on both legs.