Thursday, May 15, 2008

Camping (outside the back yard)

So the other night I went camping with some friends... like 15 people or so. We got there while it was still daylight so I helped Bob set up his tent.

Here are some shots from around the campfire

Tyler Dean muggin for the camera

There was even "a" girl there. If you look closely you can see a can of Schlitz in the picture as well... high rollin.

To start the night properly Josh decided that it was his time to show his appreciation for Michigan. (If you don't know WVU sports you just don't understand). If you want to search Google for "Coach" "WVU" "Michigan". It is a start

Watch it burn.

Looks evil because it is...

After the demonstration Josh was OK, but I think Mr. Myers was suspect of him.

Bob and Aaron were happy as well.

To end the night we wrapped Mr. Myers in a large piece of aluminum foil and put him in the fire so he could keep warm during the night.

This guy opted for the nicer/dryer car sleeping. I just put up the tent to show that I could do it.