Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I fell into a Red Ring of Death

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After 4 or 5 years of faithful service my Xbox finally flashed me the infamous Red Ring of Death... this is odd because my brother's unit and one of my friends system just crashed in the last month (conspiracy theories to follow)

Apparently you can send it back to XBOX and they will pay to fix it, but with my urge to leave the country in a hurry I have sought out a short term fix with the "Towel Trick". This involves wrapping the Xbox in 3 towels, setting it upside down, and turning it on for 25 minutes. This overheats the system and somehow gives the user about a week of gameplay before the process has to be repeated.
Surprisingly the first attempt to do this actually worked and it allowed for me to play FIFA 10 for another week. I will probably send it back to Xbox right before I leave the country so it is finished by the time I return (if I return that is).

It should also be noted that with the lack of time spent on the XBOX it should be easy to notice that my blogging increases steadily in the near future.