Thursday, September 16, 2010

Over a Month in Chile

It is hard to believe that I have been in Chile for over a month now.  I remember my bus trip here vividly so it hadn’t really sat in until I went to pay rent on the apartment yesterday.  It is over a month since I moved into my apartment and about a month and a half since I arrived in the country.

P9030087  (picture of me with a very odd dog)

In update I am currently teaching a private instruction English lesson at an Institute here to a student who is studying for the American SAT Test.  I am teaching him how to write the essay so if you are actually reading this try not to snicker at my inability to write because when it comes to writing for grades I actually try (a little bit). 

The pay is under the table and so I have not secured a work visa to stay in the country.  This is quite a problem because my visa is for 90 day and my apartment is for 4 months (doing math in head…).  This means barring a work visa miracle I will need to ride the but to Argentina for a couple of nights (6+hours each way) and then try and convince the border to let me back in.

Getting back in the country could prove difficult because there is often suspicion that people staying longer are working illegally (now who would do that?).  To counter this possibility I might have to buy a return ticket in advance to the USA just so they are certain that I am not leeching off their system (once somebody has paid for a ticket governments tend to believe they are leaving).

The lease on my apartment ends on the 15th of December and there is a lot of time before then but I could be heading back to the states before Christmas… of course I would love to bus the whole way there but we will see where the cheap tickets are at and go from there….


Until then I will just be living it up here in Chile….

BTW anybody know of some work I could start in the USA at the beginning of January or so???