Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It was time for a birthday again because my parents got it on nine months or so before March 4, many many years ago. The full run of picutes are on my photobucket account.

I started the night out at Hoot's where a lot of people bought me drinks and I got some free games of pool in and then played some darts. (note the sweet power line in the side of my head... once again, screw you BOB.)

Then we rolled back to the crib and pregamed for the rest of the night. I was grillin the camera.

We then went to Ember. Somebody at another table got this desert, but we were told it was too late to order food. Howard got a little pissed.

Luckily Foxfire was willing to serve us. I even got some birthday cake. I am not sure exactly where it came from but it was delicious. I am pretty sure that Zana made it all happen.

Zana owned the cake and Dustin just spaced out.

Then these guys got some wings... Howard is a vegetarian (when he is sober)

While we were wingin it, that guy was destroying the cake. Howard did not approve and Bob was jealous.

I don't really have an explanation for this picture.


All in all, a great night. Not too bad of a hangover and woke up to snow. The resort life is tough. Can't wait to make it to Colorado at the end of the month.