Sunday, March 16, 2008

Roomate gets stuck

The other day at Snowcreek we found some sweet stickers of the $1 variety. It was immediately decided that "The Shaw Mobile" had to feel the full blunt of such an attack. The stickers ranged everywhere from the "I know what boys like" to "Boyfriend Challenged".

Here is the driver of the "The Shaw Mobile", "The Bob". He has been a bit of a douche lately.

Damn what a Hottie

The finished backside

We will never know who the culprit was...

A dark, dark picture. The crime was done in the cover of night.

I am certain that he deserved it. (If you don't believe so just take another look at the picture at the top... he deserves whatever is coming to him.) His friend drove it for a day or so before either of them realized that they were on there... he then thought I had done it in the parking lot outside of the apartment. Talk about oblivious.