Sunday, March 16, 2008


Current Reading:

"Kolb's model argues that learning occurs through a process that might begin with a concrete experience, which leads to reflective observation about the experience. The next stage is abstract conceptualization, in which people apply models, paradigms, strategies, and metaphors to the results of the experience. Active experimentation concludes the cycle as the concepts are then put into practice, thus generating new concrete experience."

Fun, fun. I know that had to be as fun for you as it was for me. I am spending part of my Sunday sitting at Starbucks figuring out what the five page paper I am writing is supposed to be on. This is a little sad because my paper is due by midnight tonight. (This excludes the fact that I have a staff party at 7 pm so I have to finish up before that).

The Starbucks here is a little different from others due to the fact that my stuff is heavily discounted because I am an employee and I flirted a little bit with the girl at the register. Also there is only one here so it isn't your typical city view of this.

Other than that, nothing new... stayed in last night, got in some snowboarding early this morning, getting ready to head somewhere else to focus more on the paper. Updates and pics from today posted another time.