Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Night With the Cousins

With some family in town I was given the luxury of entertaining three young gentleman in their teens for the evening so I called on the services of Bob to help with the night.

The parents of these boys were brave to trust them to a person who does this...

That consorts with a person of similar pursuits... but we gave it our best shot.

To kick off the wild evening we completed a 500 piece puzzle that consisted of a beautiful hillside covered in purple flowers. It was a stunning sight to behold

It was extremely satisfying

Then Nick and Alex did.... well I am not exactly sure what they are accomplishing in this picutre.

To keep it gentlemanly we then participated in some cordial while still sporting games of chess.

In pursuits of logic there are no losers.

All in all I believe our night to be quite quaint.