Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day in Lima

I am staying at Loki Hostel in Miraflores. I got in around 11:40 EST last night and made some friends here in the hostel and fired emails to my family who were panicked I would never make it.

Here is a view of the digs for under $10 a night

Don't I look ecstatic.
Today I walked down to the ocean and found a nice park and a shopping area.
The view was amazing. The shopping center is dug into the wall of the cliff. I only wish the sun was out.

Then I ate my first meal in a restaurant here. I did a veggie sandwich and a local beer.
Now I am scouting out some wifi so I can try and do my online class tonight. Until then I will be chilling in and around the hostel and shooting out emails. Get in touch with me at