Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big Day Con Los Toros

Today bullfighting and other activities.

Basically the events recruit local teams and let guys who have never been around livestock get in the ring and see if they have what it takes. It is quite a spectacle.

In my favorite event two teams of 3 compete to see who can get the bull to chase them through goals the most times using their bodies as bait.

Of course there are a few good spills but the bull is rather small. Nothing in comparison of size to the bulls I have known.

Needless to say i badly wanted a turn. Lucky for my mother I chose to protect my leg.

It was fun and traditional. I was one of a handful of gringos at this massive event.

It was even styled to accommodate children.

In peru it is also tradition to host cock fighting. It is illegal in the states but traditional here. It was odd to be in a place where music blasts and people dance between fights and betting rounds that involves a fatality.

(After viewing the video a day later I have decided that it was in poor taste for me to put up. Although it is a tradition here I am still not comfortable with it. Sorry)

Despite the violence the whole thing was done quite well although I am not certain I will be frequenting too many cock fights in the future. Thanks again to Fabiola and Mayra for setting up another amazing day in peru.