Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off to Eastern Europe

Tomorrow I will finalize my move from Birmingham by flying to Prague in the Czech Republic but I have no plans on staying there long.

I plan to leave the city the same day to head up to Wroclaw, Poland for a few days before returning to Prague. That said, my day looks something like this (if all goes well)

8am Wake up
10:30am Head to airport
12:50pm Fly to Prague
4pm Arrive in Prague (2 hour time difference)
5pm make it to the Prague train station
6pm Catch a train from Prague
8pm Arrive in Nachod (Border Town)
8:30 catch a bus across border to Poland
9:30pm - 10am Hope that there is a connection sometime in this range for me to make it from Kudowa Zdroj up to Wroclaw
Meet the person from the first couch I am surfing at 2pm in the middle of town.

I don't speak the language, I haven't allotted time to sleep, I am trying to do it all on the cheap, and I am making it up as I go. I LOVE TRAVEL