Saturday, August 1, 2009

To Prague and Up to the Polish Border

So here is the beginning of my trip to parts of Eastern Europe. On the morning of the 31st I finalized my move from the flat in Birmingham and took off for Prague.

One last look at the flat as I headed to my flight...

Then in no time I found myself in Prague and instantly on a train (This just shows bad planning on my part)

The train was one of 3 that got me to the border Czech Rep. Town of Nachod. Looking back on it I should have just got a room here but I saw that there was a 10:30pm bus that crossed the border into Poland so I took it.

The bus randomly dropped me off on a street in the next town and there I was at 11 o'clock in a relatively quiet (resort/spa/family) town and in search of a place to stay. (Note: that this would definitely be the kind of town that had a lot of hotels but also the kind of town that was quiet enough that staff were not kept on for late check-ins.)