Thursday, September 17, 2009

Del Sol - Worst Wings on the Planet?

Recently I headed out in my hometown on a Wednesday to hit up wing night at a local bar. I have long know that a wing night existed at Del Sol Lounge here in town and hot (buffalo) wings are one of my favorite foods on the planet, but this was my first trip down there for them due to my lack of interest in spending too much time there.

I ordered 12 of their traditional buffalo wings (no choice of hot or mild) and found myself yearning for the pieces of celery and carrot that sat near the edge. The meat itself was good but the sauce was terribly disappointing. It carried only a slight smell of spice but only managed to make the chicken feel oily. 12 wings were also discount priced at $6 so it really wasn't a special when you consider that you can get them around town (normally in the sacrilegious boneless variety for cheaper). Needless to say I will not be doing this again

There were 2 business travelers parked next to me and they ordered the wings before asking my recommendation. I actually felt bad when their order came out. I finished mine because I refused to waste the food but they finished maybe 3 of their 12 and then decided they would do dinner somewhere else.

So wing night is not worth it and on Friday's they want to charge $5 for entry to pay for the DJ. Just to put this in perspective... a DJ in WV can only be compared to going for a nutritious and pleasing meal at a strip club - enjoyable at first but at the end leave you running toward the door (a bathroom door in the case of the strip club).