Friday, September 11, 2009

Trail with Padre - Bald Eagle

In my new pursuit of fitness I hit the trail with Padre to log a few miles on the bikes. Why join a gym during the summer around here?

Of course I took the faster/lighter bike because he logs a lot more miles a year than I do.

At mile marker 8 on the trail we looked across the river and spotted what we believe to be a bald eagle. There are a few that live near here though neither of us have spotted one here before. I managed a quick if blurry pic from where I was at before he flew off but he definitely looked the part. (On the rock in the center... click on the pic to blow it up).

Here are the stats from the ride. I logged 16 miles in total and dranke1.5 bottles of water (I am a little out of shape still).

I did manage to post the fastest speed of the day with 24.62 mph so that was a plus.

Sadly Hector couldn't make this trip but I might have him out again tomorrow...