Friday, July 23, 2010

The apartment in Lima

Here in Lima I have been staying in the area of Miraflores for the past 10 days now.  To make this time more enjoyable 4 of us rented and apartment.  The accomodations weren't amazing by any standard and the elevator was a bit on the slow side which made the 12 story stair run a daunting task, but for these past few days the place has been home.

Only now that we are leaving the place to travel a bit around Peru do I look around the 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment and try and remember it for posterity. 

If you count very short term apartment rentals I have now had a places in Peru, Argentina and England aside from my time in the USA.
 Regardless of the amount of time spent, each of these places has felt like home while I was there.  I enjoy staying in hostels but there is something calming about knowing that at the end of the night the people you are sharing a space with is not randomly assigned.

 As an added bonus to the 12th floor height was a view that is rarely seen in Lima due to the normally gray conditions.  You can actually see the water in this shot.  Well I am going to go pack for the trip that lie ahead tomorrow.... wish me luck.