Monday, July 19, 2010

Livin It Up Down in Lima

Having rented an apartment here in Lima has kept me from taking up work in a hostel so I have had more to see the city.  Of course that has translated to sitting in the apartment a lot of the time and enjoying a few beverages but it has been fun. 

It is always odd to travel and not stay in hostels but I am considering this adventure a move so I guess I can change it up.

 Here is a picture of Bob on top of Sofia's house after a great meal with her family.  I only wish I could have ate more. (Sadly, the aforementioned beverages from the night before slowed me down a bit).

Lucky for me I checked facebook the other night and found out that a friend of mine that I had worked with in the Loki Hostel here in Lima over 2 years ago was celebrating his birthday so I got to go enjoy a drink with him to celebrate his birthday.  He never expected to see me again and especially not to celebrate his birthday.

In a recent development Bob and I decided that they need to make the show Jersey Shore here in Lima so we broke out our "Stunner" poses at a concert the other day.  Let's just say our Gringo essence was noticeable.