Friday, July 16, 2010

Lima Update

Apparently, I have not been posting enough to appease my nephew so I will just let everyone know that I am in Lima safe and sound.  My flight left from DC at 7am and I was dropped off by friend of mine that live outside DC.  A definite thanks go out to Desiree and Brandon for all of their hospitality.

I then flew to Fort Lauderdale where I noticed a familiar girl sitting across from me in the terminal.  Turns out it was a friend of mine from Snowshoe Mountain who was on her way back to DC after spending some time in Lima.

I have taken a total of 5 pictures so far so here is pretty much everything.  I just snapped the last two from the window at the apartment that was rented for the 11 days that I will be in Lima before taking a short road trip.  I am staying in the Miraflores area of Lima and have been on a steady diet of street vendor sandwiches, ceviche, and cheap beverages.

Hopefully this update will keep my nephew happy for a day or so...