Friday, October 8, 2010

Beach and Big Ass Sandwich

There isn't really a clever theme to this blog post as much as there is a take-no-prisoners title that has obviously drawn you in.  With the weather getting nicer here I am spending more and more time on the beach and out in the sun.  If I make it back to the States in late November I fully expect to look out of place this winter with my epic tan that is starting now.

 And to not disappoint I will show you an example of the late-night (drunk person) food that is readily available in Chile.  This sandwich is simple in construction but the size is what make is.  For about 4 dollars US you can get this sandwich which is larger than a human head.  I used a starburst to show size but you really don't understand until you buy one at 2 in the morning.

 It was delicious.... I think.