Friday, October 1, 2010

To ride it… or to eat it

So last week I was walking around and noticed a small butcher shop.  It appeared to be like all the others but I was in the slightly poorer side of town.  I then glanced upward and noticed that the large banners above the shop were of majestic looking horses.  After asking around I found out that they were the product.

Before you judge me for this it should be noted: I travel to experience new things and abandoned my long-term Vegan diet to make sure I experience the cultures of the places that I visit.  I ate Guinea Pig in Peru so why not.


I purchased the smallest size that they had available.  1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) of Churrasco (A very thin cut that comes between sheets of waxed paper).  It is very common to use meat cut like this in sandwich form.  It set me back about 6 dollars for the kilo.


Afterwards I enjoyed it (actually it was a lot like deer meat) on a sandwich with some local cheese and mustard.  It is not an endangered species and it is not a penguin (they are too damn cute) so I am OK with my choice to try something new.  Just thought I’d update the site.