Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chincoteague 08

SO Bob invited me on vacation...

I packed

Since my family was busy I said goodbye to Bob's... ignore what his dad is doing

The days were good

The nights were better

Just ask Bob... yes there are two pwople underneath him

There were good times

and emotional ones

(OK totally off the topic but if you see this guy... run)

Bob learned that he couldn't buy love (yes he is holding a quarter)

And I continued my WV tradition of showering outside.

This picture is just funny

Brian and Bob got a little too close

and we almost ran head first into a tractor trailer

Bob was yelling to "Bring it on!"

Then I became "The Man"

and Bob got a job at Chippendale's

The food was good

I was elected King

King of the Beach that is

To celebrate we rocked out

Me and Chris rocked these sweet glow-stick shades out one night

He used them to catch moths

I used them to catch ladies

and in the end we all felt a little bit like this