Monday, October 6, 2008

Checking out Plaza of Misery in BA

So today I transferred into a new hostel here in Buenos Aires. It is the Milhouse hostel in Centro BA. It is run by Hosteling International, so it is nice and appears pretty safe. Hopefully I should be here for a couple of days before getting my apartment.

Today i ventured out with a new friend who goes by Kris with a K. I know it is hard to wrap your head around but he is Canadian so I guess it is OK for such radical thinkers. He made the mistake of venturing out with me to the knock-off shopping district that is at Subte stop Plaza de Miserere which I am certain translates into Plaza of Misery.

We stopped to grab a bit to eat and afterwards asked our waiter to take a picture. He was at first upset that there was no food on the table, but soon the older gentleman that had been standoffish became a professional photographer.

Here is pic one

Pic 2

Pic 3, notice how we are merely background figures in comparison to this pissed-off stranger.

I am fairly certain he took 20 more pictures or so, but they didn't show up on my camera. BA is quite the town for hospitality.