Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Day in Buenos Aires!

Yesterday to take in some of the beauty of BA we all went for a walk down to a bird sanctuary down on the water. It was quite a nice place for families and I didn't see too many young couples making out while down there, (which has become nauseatingly common here in South America).

We did manage one group photo by the water before the park rangers ran us out and closed the park.

Then this morning we suffered 2 great losses. The major one was that our brother Etay returned to Israel... and the other blow was that we moved out of the apartment so I am now blogging from a hostel once again.

While in the hostel I met up with another familiar. He is hidden in this picture. We got a group together and headed to a pub for some handcrafted brews and some wings.

Who was this person you ask??? It was Kris with a K, celebrating his last night in South America before returning to conquer Canada. He got a nice tan while he was down here... computer guy.