Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mr. Vertigo

Living on Corrientes here in Buenos Aires is definitely different than the hostels I have become accustomed to but it is a nice change of pace. As the unofficial center of town it hosts the theater district and last night we took it all in. The four of us went to see a Magic Show performed in the large theater next to my apartment.

Here is a tip for anyone trying to see a show in BA: Buy the cheap tickets and tip the guy who seats you to move up to the front or simply wait until the show starts and move up front. It is a very selfish place in this respect.

We went to see Emanuel Vertigo. Needless to say he had some pretty sweet dance moves to accompany his bevy of illusions that haven´t been performed onstage in 20 years anywhere else, but he does have the machismo going for him and he keeps ladies with him at all time to distract from the open doors on the back of his disspearing act that swing from side-to-side as he enters and exits. Needless to say it was great campy fun.