Monday, October 6, 2008

Congreso de la Nacion, Argentina

Yesterday i visited the National Congress here in Argentina. OK so really I was looking for discount t-shirts (because I hate doing laundry), but it was Sunday so everything was closed. The building itself is modeled after the US Capitol building. Inside it houses the two chambers: Honorable Camara de Senadores and the Honarable Camara de Diputados.

On the front lawn there were street artists painting murals in support of the conflict in Bolivia. This is my personal favorite.

Then to relax from my big day I went to the Hard Rock Cafe, Buenos Aires and actually went inside this time. I had some Hot Wings and a few drinks. I took my friend Cami, who had her wallet stolen earlier in the day.

NOTE: Hot Wings in the US are so much more delicious than down here.