Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Big Ouch

This is how ti all happened at Steamboat. The first day was good, but the second day will stick with me for a while. 4-6 weeks minimum.

We were starting day 2 at Steamboat. This is the Gondola Building.

This is Shaw... he saw powder and left without us a whole 10 mins before we did. We were supposed to meet up with him at 11... never happened.

We got there and rushed to this run... double black extreme. (Not where I got injured)

I did get some good pictures there. All are on the photobucket account in the Out West folder.

After lloking for Shaw at 11 we went out to make a few runs. I didn't make many. A little before 2 vI caught a stump under the powder and got slung into this tree. I crawled out of the woods to the lift to get ski patrol.

My leg looked a little rough considering that it didn't even rip my pants. I did however find out why Shaw never met up with us. This is a picture of the setup that Shaw was taken to the Emergnecy Room on. I knew it wouldn't be long until he came back to get his board.

These are the x-rays of his broken arm

He came back to get his board and found me. We really need to own cell phones.

This guy had to carry me to the car. He didn't get injured but will need surgery for a damaged shoulder so he is part of the gimp squad.

I didn't think I had hurt my leg that bad so I hobbled away from Steamboat.

The pictures of the trip are all up on photobucket. More blogs to come, but using the computer is a little uncomfortable at the moment.