Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doctor Visit

Officially 3 weeks from the hour that I broke my leg I had another doc appointment. It started out with some X-rays. Luckily I had the new official jonnywalkeradventures photographer on hand to document the fun (AKA my mother).

This is me lounging for my pics

Either they were protecting me from the x-rays or they were just anticipating that things might get crazy.

Glamour shot pose for my final x-ray. (notice the sweat. It is hard crutching around in the sun).

Once the x-rays were looked at they readjusted my brace so that it wouldn't stab me anymore.

I still lack a kneecap on my right leg.

The news this time was good in that I was told that everything is still aligned properly. I should start physical therapy in two more weeks. The other news that I got is that the break goes in and then up. It goes all the way into my knee. Normally it would be a rather quick surgery to repair it except for the fact that my break splinters into multiple ones all ending up in my knee. I was told that it would take multiple plates and screws if I went the surgery route. Since I am young it has been decided that everything should be done to let it heal naturally and hopefully avoid the surgery. Needless to say I must have hit it pretty hard. (It is great when a doc actually shows a few of his friends your x-rays before he even talks to you about them. That means you are a unique individual.)