Wednesday, April 16, 2008

G-Unit (Gimp Unit)

Today was Bob's first official day in the Gimp Unit. Yesterday he went under the knife to get some work done on his gimpy shoulder that likes to dislocate any time fun is happening, rather that be snowboarding or eating tacos. He went under around 2 and made it back out around 8. Needless to say they found some more issues with his shoulder than they had expected. Now he joins me and his father in the G-Unit. The Shaws combined have 2 good arms and 4 good legs. Throw me into the equation and we are a 4 armed, 5 legged, and 2 crutched beast that is capable of mass devastation.

Here is the Bob post-op

Some pics from inside his shoulder w/doc notes

More pics

I knew he was healing so I brought him some pizza. $5 well spent.

The G-Unit.

Right to Left: Broken Right Leg - Tibia 2 places, Reconstructed Right Shoulder, Broken Left Humerous.