Thursday, April 3, 2008

Days at Winter Park

So I was at Winter Park 3 days after the accident and my leg looked like this, not to mention thay I couldn't walk on it at all so I decided to get some x-rays taken. (Pics put online later)

Needless to say I broke my tibula in 2 places. One of which is where your ACL attaches so I was a little out of luck. They said the swelling was really bad so they splinted it. It lloks so pretty.

That didn't stop me from going to the bar though. THese guys convinced me it was 200 yards away. So about a half a mile later on ice we made it there.

I was victorious

First I beat this guy in pool. I thought all people from Chicago were good at pool and bowling. I beat him on one leg.

The bar was pretty vacant, but we still had fun. PBR was on special for $2 a can... not a great special, but I loves me some PBR

I did get a ride back to the hostel from a girl named Indigo that worked there, but I still had to make it up these stairs in the dark.

Two days later I was heading out early in the morning after using some SkyMiles to fly home earlier than anticipated.

Luckily I had help with my bag from this guy.

And of course these two were there as well.

All in all I think I made the right decision by staying in Colorado for the extra time. I kept my leg elevated and met some pretty decent people in the process. The Rocky Mountain Inn and Hostel is where I stayed and if you are in the Winter Park area I reccomend it if you want to stay fairly cheap and clean.