Friday, April 18, 2008

Krogers Shuts Me Down

My rents were going on a big shopping day for groceries so I tagged along so that I could get some cart riding action in. The day did not go exactly as planned. We started the morning off at Krogers. It is the third place that I have been that has carts so I checked another off my list.

I got inside the store and started to ride when the manager of the store came up to me and told me that they did not allow photography in the store. I guess someone took some erotic pictures of the bran flakes or something. I had to go guerilla style to get some video footy in.

The whole experience was very upsetting.

A view from the restraining order distance. I would have been great to have had the cops called on me so I could have engaged them in a low-speed cart chase.

Afterwards we went to IGA, but I was too proud to have my rents push me around in their wheelchair (that is not powered).

To take the taste out of my mouth we went to Wally World to go carting in peace, but by then my camera was dead.

One thing I have noticed from my carting is that these signs appear in all of them. Seriously, what kind of store sells children? If I find a store that does I guess that I will have to have my mother take it out in her cart because mine are not designed for child transport.

3 stores carting down.... millions to go.