Monday, August 10, 2009

Stranded in Berlin - boo couchsurfing

Last night I was set to meet up with the second couchsurfer in Berlin, Germany. She had told me that she would be available on the night of the 9th around 8pm to meet up in a well-lit part of town. I sent her multiple confirmations but got no other word back from her so I went to the location at 8pm and started the sit.

I saw the sun at first...

and enjoyed the park...
Then it grew darker and darker

In the end I left around 10 pm and found internet and sent out a message to let her know I would stay until 11:30 before giving up. At quarter until 12 I paid for internet to only to find that her plans had changed and that she was not coming back to town.

This so was not my fault because I had contacted her weeks ago and had been confirming the whole time. Luckily the second hostel I tried had a room for the next night so instead of a couch I got to spend about 50+ US Dollars to stay for 2 nights, plus I lost an entire night of going out.

The jury is still out on the couchsurfing thing but I have had 2 good experiences, 1 confusing one that turned out good, and now have been stranded once as well.