Saturday, August 1, 2009

Night in Kudowa Zdroj, Poland

Here is one of my exotic locations in Poland.

Time was against me in the small spa town (That also specialized in sanitariums?) so it proved impossible to find accomodation. Luckily it was a very safe town that reminded me of the one I grew up in slightly so I decided to stay up through the night and catch the first train out that was sadly not until 6:45am.

As you can see I was still up at 5 and must have easily put in over 10 miles with my pack on to keep myself awake (This is just training to hike some of the Appalachian Trail when I get back).

The guy pictured below (look closely) was there with me so no need to worry mom. He locked himself out of his house and drunkenly passed out in front of his house. I kept a safe distance.

The one spoil I recieved was that en route to sitting near the train station near 3 or 4 am I smelled fresh bread being made and realized that there was a local bakery right across the street so after hours of agonizingly waiting for them to open for the day I loaded up on delicious treats.

At 6:45 am I boarded that train that would average 3 miles and hour until my 11:15 arrival in Wroclaw Poland. I am taking the bus back I think.

Despite my stay I would recommend Kudowa Zdroj to anyone that knowingly goes there and makes reservations. It has an indoor water park and a lot of good bars and restaraunts. Just make sure you book in advance or arrive while there is still daylight.