Thursday, August 6, 2009

Couch Surfing - Wroclaw Poland

My CS experience in Wroclaw was odd to say the least but ultimately a great time. I had planned on meeting up with my host Jo when I arrived but little did I know that she had attempted to cancel on me due to a family gathering. (I was traveling overnight during this time).

Luckily she sent a friend in her stead and I ended up here.

The apartment was great but this room was taken so the first of 3 nights I would be sleeping at another apartment 3 mins away. I told them if it was easier I would just get a hostel but they assured me it would work out.

The town itself was great and I can only imagine how busy it in when school is in.

This is one of my gracious hosts.... so humble in fact he could not even show his face.

The first night was spent at a great concert venue that one of the roommates was working so I got to slip in with the others for free which saved even more money than just the cost of my room for the night.

My time in Wroclaw was great and I hope to come back someday. 3 nights were fun but I am guessing that 4 nights come Autumn would be great.